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welcome to my website

You have just gotten to the Andrzej Siodmok's website. Perhaps you are wondering how to pronounce my first name... This is actually quite simple, it is sufficient that you follow  the steps below:

         1. Forget how it is written.
         2. Try to say DJ.
         3. When you mastered the 2nd step change "D" in DJ to "An" and say "An J".

Now when you know how to pronounce my first name you can progress and get to know:
more about me
news & updates
Nov  2016:
Two meetings: MCnet Meeting at CERN
and CERN Theory Group Retreat 2016

Aug  2016:
Two talks on Herwig7 and KrkNLO at QCD@LHC in Zurich.

June 2016:
Ewa i Dominik Siodmok - born!!!

TELEPHONE NO.: +41 22 76 74140
FAX NO.: +41 22 76 67624


Office 4/1-010
CERN, Theoretical Physics Department
1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland